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My Own Experiences

I’ve been a MotherWit certified doula since 2010 and attended births in Montreal both as a private professional doula and as a volunteer for Montreal Birth Companions, an organization which offers free doula care to refugees, immigrants, and families in urgent need. In 2013 I moved to Maine to study midwifery at Birthwise Midwifery School and continued to attend births for several years providing clinical care. I was called back to my previous career as a performer for a few years until the world came to a halt in 2020 and I decided it was time to move home to Nova Scotia and reestablish my roots. It was here that I was so fortunate to have my own birth experience attended skilfully by midwives, my partner, a dear friend, AND a wonderful doula in the comfort of my home.

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My Training

Training and Licencing

Doula Training

MotherWit Doula Certification,

Montreal 2010

The doula training offered by MotherWit is quite extensive and includes a week long intensive group training, attendance at births, attendance at community based childbirth classes to understand what many clients' general birth knowledge encompasses, La Leche League breastfeeding support meetings, a large reading list and required essays on various pregnancy and birth related topics, a research project relevant to doulas, a breastfeeding course, CPR standard CPR/ AED Level C, and a final exam.

Midwifery Training

Birthwise Midwifery School

Maine, USA 2013-2016

Birthwise was an accredited school training Certified Professional Midwives (CPM) in Maine, USA. The CPM credential is the only midwifery credential that requires the holder to demonstrate knowledge and have experience in providing midwifery services in out-of-hospital settings. This is a direct entry accreditation requiring 2 years of didactic and clinical training before about 2-3 years of apprenticeship training under an experienced midwife (duration depends on the volume of births in the practice). During my training I had clinical placements at 2 different freestanding birth centers, a women's and family health clinic, and a homebirth practice. My apprenticeship was with a midwife/ Naturopathic Doctor who operates a family practice and freestanding birth center.

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