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The Package

This is what is included when you decide to hire me as your doula. It's important to get a doula who you feel comfortable and confident with so I'm happy to have an initial, no obligation chat via Zoom to talk about my services. Not every person is perfect for everyone else... it's my pleasure to help you meet other doulas in the area to find your best fit.

Pregnant woman reclines, smiling with male partner leaning his head against her pregnant belly
Close up image of pregnant belly with a hand resting on it
Adult hand holding a small child's hand

- 3 Prenatal visits (about 2 hours each)
- Unlimited 24/7 phone and email access
- Physical and emotional support for the duration of your labour and birth (customized according to your needs as per discussions in the prenatal visits)
- Up to 2 hours immediate postpartum support after your baby is born
- Up to 2 hours postpartum support in your home
Total cost for this package is $1350 +tax


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