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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions that I tend to receive. If you still have something you’d like to know, feel free to contact me for more details and I will do my best to help you get all the information you need.

Giving Birth

How will hiring you affect my partner’s role during the birth?

One of the most common concerns that arises when considering hiring a doula is that the doula will push out or supplant the partner. This often leads to partners feeling hesitant to have a doula on the team at all. The reality is that, just as often, partners are the ones MOST grateful for having had a doula. You want your beloved to be with you through this experience and to be able to support you while also getting to experience the exhilaration of being present when their child comes into the world. The doula's role is to assist you both in getting the information and guidance you need to have the best experience possible. A few examples: when you're giving birth you need to stay hydrated, nourished, keep your bladder empty, and get rest when possible... the same is true for your partner but they can just as easily forget to care for themselves. A doula helps remind your partner to not only care for you but also for themselves and provides consistent support that allows them to leave the room for necessary breaks knowing that they're not leaving you unwillingly alone. Your partner may also want very much to help you physically in any way possible but understandably not know exactly where and how to do so. A labouring woman is often skilled at giving direct orders as she doesn't have time to not be direct so you're definitely going to be the best guide but having a doula can help encourage your partner to go for the hip compressions or the cool cloth (for example) if they feel hesitant.

Pregnancy Dress

What are your interactions with medical staff like?

I have immense respect for the midwives, doctors, nurses, and other clinicians who work in obstetrics... it's a huge job and requires immense practical skill and knowledge and, in my opinion, big hearts. If you have expressed to me something specific that you do or do not want for your birth, one of my roles is to help you advocate for yourself and to speak your needs and desires as well as continue to assess and understand times when you may change your mind. I do not tell medical staff what to do or pursue conflicts or personal agendas. Every single birth is different and some of the most fun, glorious births I've been fortunate to attend happen when everyone involved feels like they are on the same team communicating well and working together to the same goal.

Doula at Home

Do you perform any physical examinations?

Nope :)
I am trained as a midwife and have done many exams but I am not licensed in Canada to work as a clinical care provider. This means that I don't do any exams or tests nor do I give medical advice. I can help you to understand medical advice you are given and point you towards good quality resources.

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